Men find a girl’s photos more provocative who models dresses to sell on eBay. She was shocked to receive their response.

Katherine Macpherson told that she was stunned to see all stuff on the auction website.
She said:
“I’m not ashamed of my body and I don’t cover up but people should control themselves.”
She also received the messages with the men genitals making her disturbed. One of which was “Wow!!! Do you come with the item!! Text me [we’ll] have some fun…”

She said that eBay should make it easy to “block people” and to report about them.

She told about a guy who sent her several messages and she tried a lot to block him but he still managed to message her again and she reported him also requested eBay if they found more reports about that guy they should suspend his account.

She felt like a group of men targeted her or maybe they target other girls also who sell clothes over there.

Macpherson is a happy mother of two kids requested eBay to strict their security.
There is sexual harassment which is not being controlled. She said she sell dresses and she thinks these can be better marketed by being worn.

She got the following response from buy

“This is something we call the member to member communication. eBay take this very seriously and if there are any allegations of harassment that is something we will look into and take action on,” the statement read. “We will look into this specific case and investigate it.”

Many users reacted weirdly against her storytelling that she knows that what she is doing while capturing her picture in these dresses.

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