There are many things in your house which you use in different ways. You use different home remedies by using different things available in your house which makes your life easier and sort out your various problems. We are hopeful that many of you will find the following tricks more useful.

1- if you tie your tin of paint with a rubber band it will help you to more interestingly.

2- it’s good for traveling to pack your necklace in a toothbrush container but first thread a necklace through a straw.

3- just to avoid the static cling it will be good to use a safety pin inside your trouser.

4- we need only yolks of egg for our different home remedies. For it, use an empty water bottle as a vacuum.

5- you can save your small earrings by using buttons.

6- you need erasers to remove the scuff marks out of wood.

7- Don’t throw the wadded-up mesh bag, onions and oranges come in, these will help you scrubbing the pots.

8- if you want to remove the scuff marks from suede, you need an emery board.

9- you can’t tie your bracelets with one hand. Use a paper clip to help yourself.

10- you can punch some staples into the sole of your shoe if it is cold outside and your shoes are slippery.

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