You often hear about celebrities being incredibly snobby and arrogant. However, there are a few celebrities out there who challenge this sentiment.
1) Keanu Reeves: This actor is famous for how polite and kind he is. He has starred in some of the most iconic and highest earning films in history, with the Matrix, in particular, standing out, but he still does not have a trace of arrogance. He is known for riding the subway along with normal people, and during the filming of the Matrix he gave away a huge portion of his salary to the special effects team because he felt they deserved it!

2) Tom Hanks: This actor is one of the most celebrated thespians in the modern era of Hollywood, and yet he is still very down to earth and humane. He is very accepting of his fans and loves to talk to them and make them feel appreciated. He is essentially one of the few actors in Hollywood who cares about the people that love his movies and wants them to feel included whenever they come up and talk to him thanks to his kindhearted nature!

3) J.K. Rowling: This world famous author needs no introduction, and neither does the fact that she is a generous people in the world. She was one of the few female billionaires in the world until she gave away so much that she lost her billionaire status. She is a jewel in the world of celebrities because she does not care what anyone says or what people think, she just wants to help people using the wealth that she has gained thanks to these books that she has written. It takes a truly good personality to be this genuine!

4) Taylor Swift: Swift is known for being bullied as a child, something that inspired her music career a great deal. Hence, she has always been extremely friendly to people because she knows what it’s like to be on the other side. As a result, her fans know her to be very kind and sweet, and never makes them feel bad for wanting an autograph or a picture with her. This image goes along very well with the fact that her music is so relatable to so many teens all around the world!


5) Zach Galifianakis: Galifianakis is now one of the most prominent comedians in the world, but not that long ago he was living paycheck to paycheck and was penniless indeed. During this period of his life, he used to frequent a Laundromat where he would get all of his clothes cleaned. At this Laundromat was an elderly lady who worked and lived there. Later on in his life when Galifianakis became famous, he found out that this lady whom he had befriended was now homeless. He ended up buying an apartment for her since he is such a kind person, and to this day pays all of her bills!

6) Ed Sheeran: This now iconic musical superstar is widely known for being an everyman that has not let his immense fame and fortune get to his head. He is very kind to his fans, fulfilling birthday wishes for them and has even been known to give small private shows for some of his fans just to make them happy. Sheeran is part of a new wave of celebrities that don’t think they are better than everyone else; they just want to enjoy spending some time with their fans and show them that they truly care.

7) David Beckham: Nowadays, David Beckham along with his wife Victoria, one of the iconic Spice Girls, is wealthiest and most famous people in the world. However, it was not that long ago that he was living in a tiny apartment with his wife because he did not have enough money to afford anything else. This has made him very kindhearted because he knows what it’s like to not have money, hence he puts a lot of money into charities and is extremely polite and kind to all of his fans. One of the most generous celebrities around!

8) Jennifer Lawrence: This celebrity is widely known for being very nice and congenial and for owning her awkwardness. This, in particular, has made her very popular among the younger generation because she has become a spokesperson of sorts for them. She has owned this status quite entirely, and regularly talks about issues that affect teens. She is also known for putting effort into making people feel better about themselves, often spending time talking to fans and giving them proper, personalized greetings whenever she meets them. It’s not often that you get to meet a star that is so willing to give you so much attention!
Actress Jennifer Lawrence arrives before the 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

9) Matt Damon: This global superstar is known for being very active when it comes to charitable donations. He feels like he has one life to live and he needs to spend that life helping people as much as he can, and this is why he has opened his charities that help bring fresh water to people from around the world! He is truly one of the kindest hearted celebrities because he tries so hard to make people’s lives better, especially those who are not as wealthy as he is.

10) Mila Kunis: This is a girl that pretty much every guy would love to date, but the truth is that no one is that lucky. However, a veteran once asked her if she would be his date to a military event and she agreed! Suffice it to say that this was probably one of the best nights of this marine’s life, and it proves that Mila Kunis has an extremely kind heart and always tries to make people feel better about themselves. There aren’t many celebrities that would have agreed to something like this!

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