Gym??? It’s like Entertainment or amusement park with full of foreign heavy equipment which attracts us even if we don’t know how to use it. It attracts everyone, the school going girl or office going man. Surely you will use this heavy foreign equipment for your body as like as you enjoy roller coaster but after gym, you feel more accomplished and fulfilled.gym is a kind of social actually as well, like when you leave home and go out to the gym you met different people with different knowledge and habits there. You’ll see the ladies with full of makeup, the people with free weights in tights, posing in front of full-length mirrors. Mostly girls like to work with cardio than running on a treadmill. You like your body and want it to operate at its best and that take efforts, tender, love, and care. In the gym, there are other things as well which compel you to take a moment of a laugh.
If you want to laugh, here are 15 pics of girls failing at the gym.

1-hack squat, honey

This woman, while using hack squat (which is a piece of gym equipment and to use it, you have to place your back on the back pad and start lifting your shoulder) teach herself how to use it. By this way, she’ll only get strained back from machine misuse. She really needs some pointers on how to use the gym equipment.

2- instead of sitting on this equipment and working on her legs, she decided to stand and use this like this. This is the hilarious example of when you don’t know how to use the gym equipment. How can’t she notice that chair? It’s clearly a chair which means you need to sit on it but!!

3- although the gym is full of mirrors but seems like she forgets to look at her in the mirror. It’s a kind of wardrobe malfunction as well. Perhaps, the guys doing workout behind her got more of ab eyeful than others. This is surely an outfit failure which shows more of her lower back than her butt.

4- beside the bedroom, a gym is another place where sweating is encouraged. It’s normal in a gym. A gym is a place with spray bottles and towels all the corners which means after finishing with the equipment you need to wipe your sweat. But don’t be like this who forget to wipe it off and always wipe yourself and the mat after finishing them.

5- may be some people’s are afraid to go to the gym alone so they take their friends with them. But it is funnier when both of them use the equity together. Here are two friends who are using treadmill together. This is normal and quite common to join a gym together with any friend or sibling but using the same equipment at the same time? Who thinks that sharing the same equipment is a good idea???

6- people who prefer their phone even at the gym is a kind of failure. They are all the time on their phones while laying on their workout mats, texting fast while running on the treadmill while you are supposed to be working out. We believe on multitasking and it can be an important meeting on the skype or important phone call but you can schedule other time for this. It will be good to keep your on silent mode or vibration mode or bring hand free with you.

7- it’s good to care about your physical health and for this going to the gym daily. But, why do you want to tell all the world about it?This woman didn’t shy to get the perfect selfie. This is a symbol of self-obsession. You might be failing in the gym if you are spending more time in the gym for taking selfie than doing exercise. You need to stop doing it and be focused on the workout like everyone do.

8- the high heel is perfect while going out for a night but for the gym? Isn’t a big fail? This trend to go to the gym in heel doesn’t catch on. This girl is surely so brave to do the treadmill in the heel. The moments after this picture, this woman tumbled from her perch but luckily she escaped.

9- here, we need to clap for the woman. She is more confident to do it even if she is doing it in a wrong way. There’s is nothing wrong if you put some creativity while using the equipment but in this way? She is twisting it in a dangerous way. She needs some pointers to tell her how to use the gym heavy foreign equipment in the right way. Not only she is sitting in the wrong but working in the wrong way as well. Well, machine misuse can cause serious injuries.

10- treadmill is the best and easy equipment to use even at the home also. But doing in a row? This can be so dangerous. This woman dared enough to try this stunt but it will be more good to attempt this task in a gymnastic than the gym. Be warned, if your friends dare you to do this at the gym

11- try to be more casual while going to the gym. High heels can be perfect for a night out but not for the gym. The women an outfit which can be better for the beach but not for the gym. Now she just needs to bare with her pink tights. This is just can get you started and dirty looks. It’ll be very dangerous as well. She needs to buy a pair of shoe.

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