Magic is intelligence, through it magician present his tricks in such a way that people start believing whatever they are watching is happening. They surprise to see when magician cut a girl into pieces in a box or when they bring different things from an empty cap.
Various tricks include
-Body manipulation
However, there are so many logical explanations for each tricks magician do, and they always try to conceal it to make the spectators surprise.
Biggest ten magic tricks and illusion revealed are here:

1- Levitation is a kind of magic power to raise something in the air. Many magicians do it in a different way with various things which are the combination of different techniques and editing. Here, Criss Angel revealed his innovative techniques:

Angel is having a slip inside his pant which will help him later to make himself up in the air. This is a technique of balancing.

2-Penn and Teller had one of the great and most awesome magic tricks on tv’s 50. When Penn run over teller with an eighteen wheel truck. This looks so terrible, but the magician revealed their method here:

Well, the tires which run over the teller were of rubber, and it was a trick of balancing, and all the weight of the truck was on the wheels of other side making the minimal weight on the teller.

3- Criss Angel again made a trick of walking on water in a swimming pool. It was even more surprising for the people who were swimming over there; they surprised more when at one point cross dropped his shoe for making it more real.

It was donned by using a table kind of plexiglass structure which goes unseen in the water.

4- Magician David made a “Death Saw” trick when he cut himself into the piece with a sharp shield. This made the spectators more surprised.

While revealing his tricks, he clarified how he has an assistant who hides his body in no minute. He still uses his this great trick.

5- one of the most popular methods used by most of the magician is to float a body into the without any help, and the magicians make it more real by passing a hoop over to show there is nothing to support.

In this trick magician use, a mobile machine and the assistant lay on it. This motorized mechanism is hidden by the assistant’s body and control by hidden remote. The magician freely passes it through the hoop twice.

6- David do the trick when he passes a needle through his arm is very real but how he manage it without any blood is a secret which shows his extreme dedication to craft.

He uses fistula ( a medical phenomenon ) a kind of tissue, body skin part, which can be pierced without any damage or blood.

7- during the America’s Go’s talent judges were surprised when Mat showed them the sections of the snowman and the judges had to choose one and the same was supposed to be in the box.

Mat showed them unique snowman initially which were so far to choose, and rest of the snow man were same.

8- Houdini made a trick in which a bowl of fishing was supposed to appear on an empty table after removing the cloth from the table.

In real, the bowl with fishes was already there. It was just covered by a drawstring encasing. The magician removed it while covering it with a cloth.

9- Another great trick is when the magician disappears their assistant with the help of the box of four legs.

The magician revealed that inside the box there is much place to be hide because of the cleverly placed curtains which make the box wider than it’s in actual. The assistant in it rearranged herself for the magic.

10- the spectators impaled when magician pass a sword through her assistant’s body.

This is achieved through a plastic sword which is the part of the secretary’s dress.

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